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Zeta Centennial Items
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2" Greek Letters (ONLY)

2" Greek Letters (ONLY)
CODE: GL2-100

Price: $3.95

  • Make do it yourself projects simple with our 2" Greek Letters.
  • Personalize your own shirts, sweatshirts, bags, blankets or anything you can imagine.
  • Letters are made of 100% polyester twill with an adhesive backing.
  • Choose your foreground. Background is additional.
  • Letters are sold in sets and will be shipped in selected colors.


*If applying to fabric, we strongly suggest stitching the letters to the garment or item to prevent fraying after wash and to secure your letters in place.


 Product options:
Add Background: 
Foreground (Top) Twill Color: 
Background (Outline) Twill Color: 
First Greek Letter: 
Second Greek Letter: 
Third Greek Letter: 


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