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Zeta Centennial Items
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The Bleed Blue Tee

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The Bleed Blue Tee
CODE: BB-100

Reg. Price: $29.95
Our price: $25.75
You save: $4.20 (14%)


  • 4" block Greek letters: Phi Beta Sigma
  • Select foreground/background colors
  • "Bleed Blue" Phrase will be written in "Blue" (make note of that while selecting t-shirt and letters foreground color)
  • Does not feature our signature satin/half satin stitching due to cross embroidery.
  • Features half satin stitching on foreground and background

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T-Shirt Size: 
T-Shirt Color: 
Foreground (Top) Twill Color: 
Background (Outline) Twill Color: 


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