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Caring For Your Garments

The garments that The Exclusive Touch makes are manufactured from start to finish with the highest quality ingredients to ensure that the product that the customer is receiving is among the best in the business at an affordable price. The garments are built to last for many years but with (as with all things) the proper care behind them.

All Garments Tumble dry on low-medium heat or hang dry for optimal care/appearance results. Feel free to contact us if you have other questions about how to care for a particular garment.

White Garments

For best results, machine wash warm or cold, turn the garment inside out prior to washing, do not use chlorine bleach. Use color safe bleach as although the garment and twill lettering can withstand diluted bleach wash water, do not even think about pouring bleach directly on the twill as it is still bleach and will most likely do the job it was created to do...bleach things! The thread is subject to the bleaching properties of the bleach and may fade.

Colored Garments

For best results machine wash cold, turn the garment inside out prior to washing, use color safe bleach if necessary. The higher the degree of personalization on the garment, consider washing on a more gentle cycle.




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