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This section relates to issues regarding items found on our site. You may also refer to our Customer Services section, or contact a representative.

Am I limited to the customization options on your Web site?

No! These are merely suggestions based on our most popular styles and items. Feel free to contact us with your idea and we will make our best effort to make your idea a reality. Having trouble with your design? Feel free to browse through our gallery and check out some of the other work that we’ve done.

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I would like a font style that is not shown on your web site, what do I do?

Our embroidery capabilities will allow us to embroider any True Type font. So in layman’s terms, this means that we can embroider just about any font that you can find on your computer. But please take this into consideration, because of the complexity of some True Type fonts, as the embroidery gets smaller, you may lose some of the features that prompted you to select that font in the first place.

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I want to order a particular item style, but I do not see it on the Web site. Can I get this item?

If you don't see an item on our Web site, please feel free to browse our merchandise catalog. If you see an item you would like to inquire about, please use our handy Contact Us form and include the item number and color that you are interested in. Also include what you would like to customize on this item, and we will make every effort to accommodate your order.

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If I have a special print or pattern that I would like made into lettering for my order, can I use it?

Of course! Simply submit your order and indicate that you would like to supply your own fabric. We will custom make your item with your fabric and send you any remainder that is left with your order.

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Why are some items listed on your web site as available, but you have notes that suggest that it’s not best to order them?

Every style does not always compliment the size of the shirt that is being requested. For example: We offer shirts with 6" Double Greek Letters. These are a full two inches larger than the standard 4" Double Greek Letters that are often seen on Greek lettered shirts. If your, for instance, where a size Small shirt, six inch letters may not adequately fit on your shirt (and may actually cause discomfort is the letters reach into your underarm region). This is also true for long line names. If you would like, we can arch your name or space it so that it fits on multiple lines on the back of your garment. It is for reasons, such as this that we urge you to take size into consideration when ordering your garments.

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Why was my item a slightly different color that what I saw on the web site?

Our site designer has made every possible effort to make sure that our representation of the colors and items on this site are as accurate as possible. The actual color of your garment or item may vary slightly from the colors seen on your screen because of the limitation and inconsistencies of the various display monitors in use. This site is best viewed at 1024x768 or 800x600 screen resolutions. For full use of the site please temporarily enable cookies and disable pop-up blockers.

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I don’t see any items for my organization? Can I order from your site?

There are many national, regional and local organizations across the country. All of our items can be customized for your organization. When ordering, simply use our customization pages and enter your organizations name. If you organization requires special symbols or icons, please email us and we will make every effort to accommodate your order no matter how large or small.

The Exclusive Touch assumes no responsibility for determining if a customer has received proper permissions from respective parties for the use of any images, logos, or trademarks associated with said party. The continued use of the site constitutes the accepted use of these terms and policies. Please refer to The Exclusive Touch customer service center for a full description of such terms and conditions.

How long does it take to make my items?

Please review our production schedule inside of "Our Policies"

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Do you have a print catalog?

In order to keep our costs to you, the consumer, as low as possible, we eliminated the printed catalog. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We are however, we are in the process of creating a new printed catalog coming in the near future.

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Why do personalized items cost significantly more?

Personalized items tend to cost significantly more than their non-personalized counter parts for a couple of different reasons.

  1. More materials used;
  2. The greater the intricacy of the design, the more digitizing/creative thinking has to go into it to figure out how to turn your ideas into reality;
  3. The more personalization, the longer it takes to makes your item. Some individual items can take up to eight hours to produce; and most importantly
  4. You are creating a one of a kind garment that is for your personal use only. Therefore, this garment can only be sold to you and no one else, limiting resale possibilities.

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 I want to be an EXTouch Model! How do I go about that?

We will be introducing the "Be the face of EXTouch" campaign soon in which those who would like to be the EXTouch model for a month can submit photos. All photos must be taken while wearing EXTouch merchandise (Trust us, we'll know if we've made it or not).  A winner will be chosen, that person will receive various perks and bonuses to be determined at a later date.

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 I want an item that has never been made before and no one else sells, can you make it for me?

ABSOLUTELY! We have an art department that will work with you to take your design from thoughts and words, to an actual image. Once the design has been approved only then will it become one with your garment. 

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 I have an idea for a custom jacket/design, can you make it?

Without even breaking a sweat! We have made everything from specialty banners to custom personalized blind folds. We can do ALMOST anything!

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 Why do we quote every custom job?

We at The Exclusive Touch believe that you should not pay a standard price for custom designed garment as some designs are much more complicated and involved than others, thus requiring more time to complete. We charge custom designed garments based on their degree of complication and the garment being used in the design.

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