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Zeta Centennial Items
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Experience The Difference

What makes The Exclusive Touch different from the other Greek paraphernalia companies out there? Well we will tell you, and educate you on a couple of things in the process.

Stitch Quality

There are different stitch types that can be used on your garment, the two most popular ones are the Zig-Zag stitch and the Satin Stitch. Here's a comparison of the two:

What we use What the other companies use
Sample of Satin Stitch  Sample of Zig-Zag Stitch
The Satin Stitch is the stitch that is supposed to be traditionally used in an Applique setting (an Applique is a decorative design made of one material sewn over or around another material.). Some companies will charge you extra for the satin stitch. At EXTouch, we offer you the beauty and quality of the satin stitch at no addition charge. It is our industry standard. All garments having double layers 4" or larger will have the top layer sewn in a satin stitch, and the outside layer sewn in a stitch pioneered and exclusively used by The Exclusive Touch called the "Half-Satin Stitch." The Half-Satin stitch is half of a satin stitch, with the stitches closer together than a traditional zig-zag, but not close enough to be considered a satin stitch. The Half-Satin stitch allows the background (bottom) letter the opportunity to appear distinguished, but not detract from the more important, greater defined foreground (top) letter. The Zig-zag stitches are farther apart from each other, allow for a more porous look on the border of the letter (see-through border), and are traditionally used to "tack" the letter to its surface. Most companies will only offer the zig-zag stitch because it is easier, simpler, less time consuming, and is a cheaper stitch. The problem with that is that all of those things lead to a cheaper looking product of poor quality.

 Customer Service

The Exclusive Touch understands what its like to be a customer purchasing our products. We do our absolute best to produce your item with the utmost and type of quality that we would like ourselves, and produce your customized items to the exact specifications that you, the customer, have outlined. If we are not content with the quality of a garment we will make it over.

While we try extremely hard to please all of our clients occasionally, though rare, there is an issue. These issues are attended to with the utmost care, respect, promptness and consideration possible. If there is an issue with the stitching/work regarding your item found to be the fault of EXTouch we will correct the issue with no addition cost to you, or refund your money.

We are a group of talented individuals whose strength and work ethic come from realizing that you work hard for every penny that you earn, in those regards we try to supply you with arguably one of the best products on the market.

We are extremely easy to work with and try to satisfy and work with the needs of our clients any way that we can.

Limitless customizable capabilities

If you can think it we can make it.

If you have an idea, we will work with you to further develop it and see it through to fruition. You are by no means bound by what is available on our web site. Your limit to personalization or customization is your own mind. Literally.

Affordable Pricing

The Exclusive Touch has perfected the production methods that we use to produce your items, which reduces the cost of production for us, and we pass those savings on to our loyal customers. We have the simple philosophy that a T-shirt should not cost you an arm and a leg. Even if you want every customizable option on your garment, we still have faith that we can give you an affordable, competitive price.

Quality Guarantee

The Exclusive Touch Guarantees the stitching of any garment that it produces. If there is ever a problem with the stitching of any garment produced by us, we will repair the item at no additional cost to you.



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